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I am not an ordinary man,
I am not an ordinary person,
I have extraordinary plans,
I have amazing intuition,

But I'm calling myself out

And I have problems in my head, that I can only find with introspection,
And I have demons in my body, that I feel I have been collecting,

I'm calling myself out,
Cause I know I should do some learning
I'm calling myself out,
This all feels so reveling
I'm calling myself out,
Nothing good should come easy
I'm calling myself out,
This all feels so defeating

When I was younger I swore that I could feel things,
Things crawling from deep inside my body,
But now I'm older I find myself hiding,
Even though I know you're gonna find me

Cause I've got my worries and you've got your problems,
But I'll put them in boxes and learn how to solve them,
But I am in battle with procrastinating,
And these boxes are building and I'm feeling unholy


from Wow, Great Job!, released July 6, 2017



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