Wow, Great Job!

by Motions

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released July 6, 2017

All tracks written Motions with The help of our friend Evan Kunz, who also engineered, produced and recorded the album.

Additional vocals on Cursive by Evan Kunz
Additional vocals on Boxes by Grayson Phelps

Artwork by Tim Stickrod at Cryptic Studios

Thank you so much to our friends for not only lending their talent but also their support, I don't know if we ever could've released this without you guys.
Thank you all so much for waiting, we love these songs and we hope you do too.



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Motions Medford, Oregon

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Track Name: Capable
Talk to me, like you used to
before we got complicated
like we are still just friends
before I went and ruined it

And I know you've got a lot on your plate lately but let me explain,
I can make all of this go away
yeah we struggle with communication
yeah we both struggle with communication
but just admitting that wont make anything change

And I know it couldn't hurt for every once in a while to pick up my phone
let you know what I'm doing, who I'm with but I'm most likely alone
if you think that I sound crazy than you should hear yourself young lady
it's unbecoming to talk the way you do

And I know you don't want peace but you sure as hell want quiet
there are awkward silences and you try your best to ignore them
I know you don't care in the least but oh God do you think I'm capable
of not just loving myself if I'm loved by other people
Track Name: Cursive
Me and all of my friends, speak in our own languages, and make up news.
Go over current events, discuss circumstances and personal views

I write and speak in some kind of dialect I mispronounce and misread
And I swear it doesn't come naturally to me,
I look for acceptance in extraversion, but I speak in cursive

I'm lowering my standards, because I love playing the bastard,
Playing safe is much too civil, saving face by faking simple

Am I doing this for me,
is there something beneficial, in admitting defeat,
if I make myself believe, that this is me that this is me,
than is any of this me?

I know you don't ever come around unless you've got something to ask for, and Control's got me ashamed the son of a pastor, and I don't get why I've gotta lie to myself about what is happening, I don't get why I've gotta lie to myself about what is happening , and I don't get why I'm so upset all the time I'm honestly happy

And I know you know you don't gotta listen and I know
and I know, I know I've got tunnel vision
Track Name: Boxes
I am not an ordinary man,
I am not an ordinary person,
I have extraordinary plans,
I have amazing intuition,

But I'm calling myself out

And I have problems in my head, that I can only find with introspection,
And I have demons in my body, that I feel I have been collecting,

I'm calling myself out,
Cause I know I should do some learning
I'm calling myself out,
This all feels so reveling
I'm calling myself out,
Nothing good should come easy
I'm calling myself out,
This all feels so defeating

When I was younger I swore that I could feel things,
Things crawling from deep inside my body,
But now I'm older I find myself hiding,
Even though I know you're gonna find me

Cause I've got my worries and you've got your problems,
But I'll put them in boxes and learn how to solve them,
But I am in battle with procrastinating,
And these boxes are building and I'm feeling unholy
Track Name: Panasonic
This old VCR is showing me things that I have never seen,
From the birth of my brother to us just being a family,
It's the curse of the youngest to have to watch everyon leave,
From Los Angeles to Seattle to everywhere in between,